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Swinnow Community Centre

In February 2024 it was announced that the much-valued Swinnow Community Centre would likely be closed. We are a grass-roots community organisation and passionate about ensuring local people have the resources they need to flourish and enjoy their locality. Swinnow Community Centre is essential to the people who live around it because Swinnow is a distinct locality and values its own institutions such as schools, Children's Centre and of course this well-used and well-loved Community Centre. 

We will do whatever we can to ensure the continued operation of Swinnow Community Centre and are in conversation with the council about a future opportunity to take on the management of the building and its groups and use.

In the past, we understand that the council have paid for the utilities and maintenance of the building but no longer will do, so this will be part of our commitment. If you want to help us secure the future of Swinnow Community Centre, please register your support with the simple form below - and feel free to add comments of support on it.

Support Our Campaign to keep Swinnow Community Centre open:

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